Made it ezy is filled with DIY tutorials, room makeovers, recipes, advice, and all sorts of things that make your life easier and more fun!

I love all Craft and Inspiration ideas so I decided to start a blog to inspire you connect, learn, and empower you.

My name is Josie and I’m the blogger behind Made it Ezy. I’m so happy you’re here!

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On the blog you will find inspiration for decorating your home, creating simple projects, or cooking a delicious recipe. I also like to occasionally chat about a favorite fashion find, along with thoughts on experiencing life.

I discovered blogging and was immediately hooked. My blog gave me a way to communicate with others all the wonderful ideas that I find and make. My motto is reduce, reuse, recycle, re-purpose, remodel! I try to find things to make use of old things in creative ways and reuse items in other projects.

I am blogging as I have found a deep desire in my heart to inspire others to be creative in their own day-to-day lives. We all have been blessed with amazing gifts and talents. Sometimes we just need a little nudge to step out of our comfort zone. Whether it is picking up a tool for the first time, giving new life to a room in your home, cooking a new recipe or trying new ways to style clothes you already own. I want to help you believe that anything in possible. Any dream or goal you want, you CAN achieve it!


We love for you to share our ideas, but require a link back to us for credit would be great. Any of our creations or ideas that are shared without permission are a violation of copyright. On occasion I create posts for sponsors and often use affiliate links. Click here to view…


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