DIY Rustic Farmhouse Centerpiece

DIY Rustic Farmhouse Centerpiece

I’m highlighting one of my favorite pieces, a rustic farmhouse style centerpiece.

I love the way it looks!


I think it’s beautiful.

Centrepiece 1

With Candles . . .

Centrepiece 2

And rocks.

Centrepiece 3

I’m loving a how much the new wood looks like old barn board.  And it’s quick and easy to pick up and move out of the way if space is needed.

Centrepiece 5

The paint technique used is also very quick and easy.

 I have a tutorial on it here.

Centrepiece 7

To build the centerpiece you simply take two pieces of 1in  x 4in timber and cut them to the length you want.  Next cut out three,  four inch sections from a piece of scrap 1in x 2in for the legs.

Centrepiece 8

After marking the center on the legs,

Centrepiece 9

Simply used finish nails to attach the legs from the top.

Centrepiece 10

I think the building process should take less than fifteen minutes.

The painting another fifteen minutes and then just wait for it to dry.

There is just nothing like a quick and easy project.  It’s even better when it turns out like this.

Centrepiece 11


Don’t you just love it?

It’s a quick and cheap way to add style to any room of your home.

I had found these this online HERE  and they are inexpensive to make! Thanks Robin!

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