Painting Technique: Scraping

Painting Technique: Scraping


Today I’d like to share a painting technique that looks great!

Paint Technique 1

Supplies you’ll need are:

Paint scraper

Putty knife




Paint Technique 2

To start paint on your base colour.

(This one is a satin black)

Allow the paint to dry completely before moving to the next step.

Paint Technique 3

Now for the fun part – – the scraping.

First brush on a light coat of your top colour, like this . . .

Paint Technique 4

Then taking your putty knife or paint scraper, scrap off the paint and wipe it off on a rag.

Scrap, Wipe, Scrap, Wipe.

But be careful not to push down too hard or you will take off the base colour.

Paint Technique 5

After the first coat is scraped off, it should look something like this.

Paint Technique 6

Continue adding layers of paint and scraping them off.

After two coats it’s looking better.

Paint Technique 7

And after three coats and you like the look then stop adding anymore layers.

Paint Technique 8

Here is a close up!

Paint Technique 9

To lighten up any dark spots, just dry brush on a little of the top coat.

Paint Technique 10

Once you’re done painting, allow it to dry for a couple hours then give the edges a light sanding to bring out the base coat a little more.

Paint Technique 11

That’s it.

A very easy, fabulous look.

Another great idea I had found online HERE  and inexpensive to make!

 Thanks Robin!

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